Cemetery Cats & Anarchy

By wadeygc / June 8, 2014 / Greece Blogs / No Comments

Athens – Day 3 Tuesday 10th September We started off the day with a visit to the Temple of Zeus. This huge building has 15 of it’s original 104 columns and took 750 years to complete. Good old Hadrian finished it off. I know all of this because Glyn read it to me from his […]

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By Glyn Wade / June 6, 2014 / Glyn's Blogs, Glyn's Rants / No Comments

I’ve been entering competitions for a long, long time. It started from Multi-Coloured Swap Shop I think waaaay back when and has continued in various forms since. I got it from my Dad and he still continues entering competitions to this day. Back in those days it was a case of entering by sending in […]

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By Glyn Wade / June 2, 2014 / Glyn's Blogs, Glyn's Travel Writing / No Comments

I have been to Tenerife twice. The first time for four months, the second for just a week. The first time I went I was looking for a job as it was my first port of call on what I hoped would be a round the world trip. If I didn’t get a job I’d […]

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