Claire first saw Glyn when she was 16 years old, attending a Nukes gig upstairs at the Albion Pub in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Glyn was the singer in the Nukes and later started a MySpace page for all their fans. Claire joined this My Space page and they got chatting…..

Glyn and Claire got married on 2nd April 2011 and their wedding was shot by the awesome Laura Sherran. The photos were featured in OffBeat Bride, click here to check it out!

To see all of the awesome photos that Laura took, please check out the slideshow video on the right. The music is Stayte, ‘If you were Mine’, used with kind permission. The band that you can see in the photos are Roughneck Riot, an awesome band we were privileged to have play two sets at our wedding reception, check out their website here: Roughneck Riot.

We like to travel as much as we can afford. This is where Claire decided that starting a Travel Blog would be a good idea, so that she can remember it all when in the nursing home – hopefully in the distant future. Glyn enjoys creative writing and has penned many an article on the Willfield Camera Club website. He will be using this website to write about subjects other than (and as well as) photography.

We also love taking photos – we completed a Photography Course in Burslem a few years ago and then went on to join Willfield Camera Club.