It isn’t much fun at school really. Kids are vile and, if there isn’t actually anything about you to be ridiculed, you can be sure someone will invent something. Unless you’re at the top of the fighting league and no-one dares take the mick….at least not to your face.

If you wear glasses you’re pretty much sorted. If you have ginger hair you’re guaranteed a nickname from a small range available. If you have spots, big feet, big nose, big ears, develop breasts early, are overweight, speak with a lisp, have a Dad who’s unemployed, a Mum who wears short skirts or even a deceased sibling there will be a cruel insult created that will stay with you throughout school. And maybe even throughout life.

Lucky you.

It seems easy to just laugh off a simple name but when it’s incessant and something you’re sensitive about anyway, or become sensitive about, it’s far from fun. Whoever invented the adage about sticks and stones was a far stronger person than me and many, many others I would imagine. Sure you can say it back at the taunting face of the bully but, inside, you both know the bully has won.

At least I missed the cyberbullying. I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like, when you can’t even escape from it when you get home. When the sanctity of being with your family isn’t enough to protect you it must be awful. And lonely.

And then back at school as the latest taunting insult flies in your face you turn and take your humiliation out on someone else, someone weaker to try and deflect your pain. Ricky Gervais mocked this brilliantly in The Office when he said that someone with glasses should have been picked on before his character. He wanted someone else to take the pain so he didn’t have to.

So you turn and almost point at someone weaker, someone fatter or with more spots and pass your misery onto them by becoming their bully, their nightmare. Because that makes it easier for you and somehow the realisation that you are hurting someone the same as you were being hurt doesn’t sink in. Well not till years later when, by then, you probably won’t see the person you passed your suffering onto.

And it will be too late.

Unless you have the internet and your own page to scribe some epistle in the hope that it will be read by someone you passed your hurt onto. But maybe they’re writing an article just the same….

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