I’ve always enjoyed photography since I was a small child and I have boxes of pretty terrible photos in my attic that prove this, although they do provide me with a variety of memories!

I have also been lucky enough to have traveled a fair bit and naturally have taken many photos, much to the delight of my friends and family who have had to endure appearing interested whilst being ‘encouraged’ to browse through my many photo albums. I’m trying to learn the art of editing them down to a few best images, but it’s so hard to omit any.

A few years ago, my hubby and I went on a roadtrip around the USA, I decided that this time I would keep a travel blog so that nothing would be forgotten. I shared the blogs on Travelblog.org and was so pleased that I chose to do this as I do enjoy reading it and have continued to blog on every trip since. I’ve published the blogs on this website, to keep them all together with my photography.

Another passion in my life is animals, especially furry ones, especially cats. So a lot of my photography is of animals and mostly of cats – both wild and domesticated.

I currently work at DivideBuy, setting up the Design Department, creating brand guidelines and doing all things design for the company. It’s wonderful fun!


Claire's Photos

USA 2012 – 4 by Claire

USA 2012 – 3 by Claire

USA 2012 – 2 by Claire

USA 2012 – 1 by Claire

Turkey and Greece 2014

The Bongoleeros

Wallaby Experience



Big Cats

The Cat Survival Trust by Claire

Travel Blogs by Countries

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Los Angeles

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