Delphi to Home – Day 14

Saturday 21st September

We woke up in lovely warm Delphi, the sun was rising across the valley below us and I kept taking more photos as more of it became golden.

Breakfast was included at Hotel Orfeas, so as we were noshing away on the continental style breakfast that always has a boiled egg in its shell no matter where you are, I was looking at the various Ancient Delphi ruins arty pictures on the wall… to my utter horror, there were Doric pillars we had not seen! Can you imagine if we’d left without seeing them?!!

Now we had spotted something in the distance from the main site yesterday and guessed that was it, so we drove down to it. The Doric pillars in question belonged to The Tholos at the Sanctuary of Athena Pronoia and it was free to get in, plus there was only about four other tourists at most. It was pretty cool as these things go.

We started the longish journey back to Attica, down more toll roads and into more cotton growing country. For some reason the Greeks transport the cotton in loose cages at the back of tractors and lose a fair portion of the crop along the roads. The verges, ditches and pavements were littered with swathes of white fluffy cotton balls and I asked Glyn to stop so I could pick one up as I’ve never touched raw cotton before.

I’m glad that I drove the roads I covered today at the end of the holiday, as I was on the motorway around Athens in busy Saturday traffic. This was the worst Greek traffic I have encountered and there was a lot of tailgating, under-taking and general pulling out without checking mirrors. But to be honest, no worse than traffic can be in the UK.

The plan was go to a final site called Brauron that is near the east coast of Attica and close to the airport. Only when we got there it was shut for ‘Arrangement and Conservation’; pity because it looked small but interesting enough.

So at a loose end with a few hours before we needed to check in, we went to a coastal town called Porto Rafti. And had a bit of lunch and a last paddle in the Agean Sea.

There was some dry toast like crisp-breads left in our food bag that we had no desire to eat so decided rather than waste it, we’d give it to some stray dogs. Now Greece is awash with stray dogs….. until now. We drove for ages looking for one and when we eventually did, it looked at me totally confused and stared at the free food which was still uneaten when I looked in the wing mirror as we drove away.

We found a quiet bit of waste ground to get changed into our England clothes – there’s no way I’m turning up in drizzly Manchester in shorts, T-shirt and a skin load of goosebumps!

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