I am not alone in using facebook less and less and I know a few people who have come off it altogether. It’s not just the squabbling that goes on, it’s not just the endless game requests to play stupid things like Farmville and Boom Beach….I mean, come on do I look like the kind of person who would play something called Boom Beach??? I have more than one brain cell for goodness sake!! It’s not even just the relentless targeted adverts that plague my every session and even have the audacity to show up on my newsfeed. It’s not even that facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is shown wearing socks and sandals in the movie about him. It’s not even the latest idea to send out emails telling me what’s ‘trending’ on facebook….TRENDING??? I’ll trend on you if you keep up with this inane claptrap deigned to reign in anyone with the IQ of a glass of water. Why are things ‘trending’ on facebook for goodness sake….don’t get yourself confused with Twitter as you’ll just make fools of yourselves….oh, you already are…

No, a lot of what puts people off is that facebook thinks it knows what is best for you and won’t let you decide. Every time I open the facebook app on my phone it reverts to something it calls ‘top stories’…..why?? I have never used ‘top stories,’ I don’t know anyone who has ever intentionally used top stories so why is it the default setting??

I log in and it tells me something that happened yesterday at the top because facebook knows me better than I know myself apparently. Why should I care now that Tony has had his tickets for The Specials…I knew that yesterday when it happened….why is that at the top of my feed?? I want to read what has happened since I last logged in NOT what facebook thinks I should read now. I don’t know anyone that wants it any other way….particularly when facebook is the one to decide what is a top story….did it consult me? Of course not, it just stuck it there right at the top going, here, this is what you should read because WE say so. I think not!

And then what about the people you don’t communicate with for a while or ‘poke’ or ‘like’ something they do….what does facebook do then? Yep, it takes them off your newsfeed because you obviously don’t care about them any more…NO NO NO!!! It just means we haven’t acknowledged each other for a while.

I have friends who I haven’t seen for a long time but they’re still my friends and we would be there for each other at the drop of a hat….but we haven’t communicated for a while. So should I forget about them? Should I wipe their phone numbers, delete their emails and forget about them? Of course not but that is what facebook does to you every day, of its own accord, with no consultation. And then they’re lost from your newsfeed and when they post something you would ‘like’ or communicate about you don’t get to see it because facebook has decided that you don’t give a damn about that person any more.

I do play some games by the way: Words, Scramble and Moviepop for example but the latter is getting on my nerves because it keeps asking me if it can post to facebook ‘for me’….no you bloody can’t!! I play the game independently of facebook so I don’t bore people with having to look that I guessed a movie correctly so how can this be ‘for me’??? And why do you keep asking me?? I said no, I mean NO!

And don’t tell me I shouldn’t complain because it’s free-Mr Zuckenburg isn’t exactly stuck in the workhouse now is he? It’s a pity there is no viable alternative now that myspace messed up by not keeping up and others don’t have the same appeal. People are talking about Ello which is free from ads and hopefully from games hunting jewels or some such nonsense. I wish them luck but what they need more than anything is simply the ability to listen and not do what they think is best but what the user actually wants. Is that really that hard facebook???

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