Chapter Ten (ebay)

Phil loved ebay. He had a 100% feedback score. He had also bought a number of things that Paula had had to tidy away and he’d sold things that had cost him more money than he made.

You know those ‘joke’ auctions where people put for example, a used sock up for sale or air from a Scottish loch side? Well now you know who bids on those items….and whose wife has to make them disappear. Among the many ‘treasures’ he had also ‘won’ half a pair of scissors, a sign advertising condoms that used to hang on the gents at the Cavern Club supposedly when the Beatles played there, five ‘original’ photographs of the moon taken by Neil Armstrong (these were ‘one of a kind’ that he’d bought five different times as buying the others had slipped his mind) and a medical instrument made out of plastic that cavemen had used to do minor surgery on each other. Apparently.

Paula had given up questioning things like the authenticity of a plastic medical instrument from thousands of years before plastic was invented and simply made him promise to limit how much he spent on there. Or sell things to raise money for purchases.

Unfortunately this didn’t work out so well either as Phil was somewhat pernickety about making sure things arrived safely. He’d once spent a whole morning packaging up a vase after spending more than the vase was worth on the actual packaging (from ebay naturally). He had then panicked in case it broke which might have resulted in him losing his 100% feedback score so…

Yes, he drove 145 miles to deliver the vase. Then he waited 4 hours for the buyer to come home. He kept his 100% feedback score but lost out rather more financially than he let on to Paula as the car had broken down on the way home. He could have called the breakdown services but didn’t want Paula to know so he paid to have it fixed instead. I’m sure you can probably guess that Paula is in charge of finances in this household so she did of course see the bill and banned him from ebay for a month by changing his password.

So it looked like Phil was keeping the camera.

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