Chapter Eleven (In which Phil finally shows Paula the picture)

‘That’s pretty amazing’ she said ‘I mean I’m not an expert but for your first go that’s incredible. Everything is so crisp and clear including Biggles’ fur even though you can tell that he’s walking. That’s fantastic dear.’

She kissed him affectionately on the forehead and he pushed the hair back onto her head and held it there while pecking her gently on the lips.

‘I might give up photography now’ he said.

‘Don’t be a tit’ she said with a smirk on her face. She already knew his reasoning without him explaining it; she knew his ways. ‘You can take pictures of other things, join a camera club, enter competitions, win prizes, sell your photo books, auction your prints for millions and we can live in the lap of luxury for the rest of our lives somewhere exotic.’

‘Well that doesn’t sound too bad,’ Phil replied ‘but I’m happy here and I’m not really dressed for it.’

‘Just take some bloody pictures you fool’ Paula retorted and they hugged awhile before Phil kind of spoilt the moment by declaring he needed a poo the size of Lincolnshire.

Following said poo, which turned out to be merely the size of a small hamlet rather than an entire county, Phil went to get his new camera. Remembering he now had two he decided to try out his new new camera and finally unpacked it, leaving the packaging blocking the kitchen doorway. This would of course disappear mysteriously later but it wouldn’t be a mystery to Phil as he’d have no recollection of having left it there. I bet some of you are wishing you had a wife like that!

Setting up camera 1 (yes I’ve numbered them in the order they arrived, hope it helps) was easier than setting up camera 2 as Phil actually remembered where the memory card went; once he’d found where he’d put it in camera 2 of course. He also didn’t have to go shopping and worry about tomato puree either so a mere two hours later camera 1 was ready to go.

He put the camera on AUTO and searched for Biggles. Now Biggles was not a creature of habit when it came to finding somewhere to sleep and was also damn good at hiding. He was in fact too good today and by the time Phil had given up searching he’d forgotten why he’d been searching in the first place. Of course as soon as Phil was ready for bed Biggles turned up wanting feeding and miaowing so loud glasses were shattering in the kitchen (a quick flight of fancy there, I enjoyed it, you should come with me sometime).

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