Chapter Fourteen (In which Phil almost learns something)

‘So why are they different? asked Paula.

‘Well I checked the settings, you know the IBO or International Standards Organisation as it is known.’

‘Wouldn’t that be ISO?’

‘Yes that’s what I said.’

‘No, you said IBO.’

‘I didn’t, I know what I’m talking about.’

‘Of course you do.’

‘Thank you.’

‘So you checked the IBO?’

‘Yes and it was the same on both cameras, as was the aperture and the shutter speed.’

Paula could see Phil was desperate for her to ask what they were. She could also see him glancing down at some sort of note attached to his leg. He was like Biggles when the food was being opened, almost begging and slobbering with anticipation. Oh, he was dribbling. Not pleasant but she loved her husband and so gave him his moment of glory.

‘So what are those?’

‘I’m glad you asked….’

Dining room. Evening. Five minutes later.

‘I see’ said Paula. ‘So to get the perfect picture you have to get a balance between the three as each one will affect the other. If the ISO is too high it will be grainy but you might need it high to let in enough light, or you could bump up the aperture which is of course actually a lower number. If something is moving and you want to get it in focus then you’ll need a fast shutter speed but, if the setting is dark, you might need to whop up the ISO and maybe even the aperture. As each one affects the other it’s sort of a triangle, an exposure triangle maybe. However, as each camera has utilised the same settings through its AUTO mode one can only assume that, presuming you haven’t accidentally messed with your exposure compensation, and that the settings and lighting were the same that the difference must be the camera itself even allowing for camera shake although, presuming your shutter speed is over 1/60, this should be fine and can be taken out of the equation.’

‘Absolutely’ replied Phil quickly ‘just what I was thinking. Now what was that bit again?’

‘Which bit?’

‘The bit from when you started talking until you stopped.

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