Chapter Fifteen (In which Phil DOES learn something)

It didn’t take Paula long to explain and Phil learnt that Paula had been doing some reading up herself. It took a lot longer to explain to Phil what she was talking about and get him over his fear of even the mention of exposure compensation. Eventually though Phil learnt how to replicate the settings from the two shots on both cameras and took two more shots, one on each camera of exactly the same thing within seconds of each other. The cameras were placed on a table to take out the camera shake possibility and the subject was the garden through the patio doors.

Actually the subject did change somewhat between the two pictures as Phil realised his dressing gown had come open on the first one. The reflection of his skinny naked torso and nether regions didn’t make it into the second picture fortunately and he made a mental note to delete the first one once his trials were over.

The actual pictures themselves weren’t quite as different as a bonsai tree and some fried chicken but there was definitely a difference. The one taken with camera 1 was okay, you could see what it was a picture of for a start which is always a good beginning. Oh, unless you’re doing a quiz where you show people a photo of something close up or from an unusual angle and they’re supposed to guess what it is. If they can guess what it is as soon as they look at it it’s a pretty crap game and I would advise you to rethink your picture taking strategy without going completely in the opposite direction where even you would have no chance guessing what the picture was of despite taking the picture yourself. Now you’re thinking firstly that you wish this subject had never come up, secondly that you will never create one of these quizzes and thirdly that you wish I’d stop babbling on and get on with it.


So, yes, anyway, the pictures. Yeah, the one taken with camera 1 wasn’t too bad but when you put it next to the one taken with camera 2 it was like comparing One Direction with Mozart. You could see where the first was going but you wouldn’t want to spend more than a second with it. The second was bursting with creativity and would last for millennia. You only had to look at the second picture and you couldn’t fail to be amazed by its clarity, its colours and detail. It was like everything in the picture from blades of grass to the molecules that made up the wooden slats of the shed had been frozen in time. It was, to be frank, perfect.

‘That can’t be right’ muttered Phil. And, for once, he was right himself.

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