Chapter Eighteen (Panning)

No, not panning for gold, we’re talking about photography here. Panning is when you follow the action and try and get the moving subject still in the final frame while the background will be blurred. Even though you can see the subject quite clearly you can still tell it was in motion as you can see the background blurring past. If you’re not sure what I mean get back to Google (I should be sponsored!), this is a book about Phil not a photography instruction lesson.

Now, as Paula had been strutting up and down the living room, Phil had gone with his natural instincts and followed her with his camera. Hence the resulting photos should show Paula in focus (she wasn’t moving THAT fast) while the background should be a little blurred.

On camera 1 that was indeed the case and the pictures weren’t actually too bad. Phil was actually quite pleased for once as the pictures showed Paula and you could tell she was in motion. The Autofocus had been set in the right place (this was more luck than judgment as Phil hadn’t got to that part of photography yet) and Phil ran upstairs to show Paula.

Now most people are quite shy about their toilet trips but Paula was quite the opposite. On a similar note it had been the words ‘farts are always funny’ emanating from her mouth once that made Phil realise he couldn’t live without her.

She was sat on the toilet as Phil burst into the bathroom eager to show the results of their combined efforts downstairs.

‘Look at the size of this bastard’ she said pulling back a bit on the toilet seat ‘No idea how I got that out of me. See if it’s got arms and legs as you may have just become a Dad again.’

Phil politely refused before asking,

‘Hang on, what day is it?’

‘Friday’ answered Paula shuffling forward on the toilet seat.

‘And what date is it?’

‘The 27th I think,’ she replied as she slid back to have another look in the bowl.

‘You know what that means then?

‘WIND UP FRIDAY!’ they cried in unison.

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Fresh from failing to be an actor, a singer and retaining a full head of hair Glyn is now attempting to be a photographer and a novelist. He has taken more pictures today than he has written words of his novel in the last six months. Some of them he regards as okay..

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