Chapter Twenty-Two (Three Legs bad Four Legs good)

‘So I bought some tripods as Simon suggested. I’ve also got an idea for a quadropod, surely they would be more stable and not fall over all the time. I mean why do tripods have to have three legs in the first place?’

‘Because tri means three dear’ Paula patiently replied.

‘Well yes, apparently, but why do they only have three legs when four would be far more sensible?’

‘I really don’t know. Why not go and try them out and see if you can improve on them, maybe get a set of those stupid walking poles and glue one each onto tripod.’

‘Brilliant! I think I’ve got some of those stupid poles somewhere. I’m sure I bought some on ebay.’

As Phil left in search of his treasure Paula muttered to herself,

‘You did dear…..and I sold them on ebay a week later…’

‘So all that was true about you selling my stuff?’

‘Not all of it….just the stuff you don’t use any more…..or have forgotten about.’

‘How could I forget something within a week??’

‘I wish I knew dear, I wish I knew! So, the bipods….’



‘Well fortunately they come with instructions as they’re somewhat tricky to attach to the cameras I can tell you. Once I worked out which way up everything went though it got a lot easier.’

‘You read the instructions??’

‘Well I looked at the pictures then watched four and a half videos on Youtube….’


‘Yeah….not something I’d have thought of doing with a tripod but if you had a couple of sisters we could have a go….’


‘Only joking my dear. I managed with just one video and both cameras are now in situ and ready for action.’

‘I do worry about your flights of fancy and where you get your ideas from…, about the call I got from the camera shop saying you’re banned….something to do with piles….’

‘Ah, erm, so what’s for tea?’

‘Don’t change the subject. What’s this about sticking a tripod up our backsides?’

‘Ah, I, er, I’d better just go and check on the tripods….wouldn’t have to if they were quadropods…’

And he was gone leaving Paula shaking her head yet again.

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