I never really believed that I would get a second chance of life. Heaven sounds fantastic, reincarnation sounds a bit risky….I mean come on…me, with my luck, what exactly would I come back as??

So making the most of the only one I believe I’m going to get has pretty much been my plan all along. Yes I know I still need a job and to pay the bills but I’m still out and about cuddling fox cubs, climbing Welsh mountains to photograph jets, travelling to as many countries as possible, flying planes (well one plane…so far….) and sharing some amazing experiences with my fantastic wife, daughter, friends and family.

In the past I’ve: spent three years travelling the world, I’ve sung in a band, appeared on TV gameshows, acted in a play at the Edinburgh festival, been an extra in films and on TV, worked with Antonio Fargas, directed short films and a music video, ridden a giant tortoise and an elephant (but not at the same time), rafted down the Zambezi, goat farmed on a moshav in Israel, had a photograph featured in a calendar and been with Kathy Burke while she was ‘havin’ a fag’….amongst other things….

I also have a wonderful and supportive family, a fantastic daughter, great friends and the most awesome wife there ever was so things aren’t so bad! I recently passed a qualification in teaching, do some writing and am secretary of Willfield Camera Club so there’s not really time to get bored!

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