Glyn’s Christmas present from me this year was a tattoo by Joolz. As Glyn is a massive New Model Army fan and Joolz has been designing their artwork for 35 years, with 12 years experience in tattooing, it made sense.

We drove through snow to Bradford and after a few hours well spent in the National Media Museum, we found Studio Bijoux and we were welcomed in up the stairs to a studio full of artwork and curious things to look at. After chatting sometime over tea and coffee, Joolz got down to work. It took a couple of hours plus breaks and for me (who wasn’t being tattooed) the time flew by as Joolz is a very interesting person to chat to. I’d love to have the opportunity to chat more, so Glyn needs to get more tattoos!

Despite breaktimes not being included in the price, Glyn only had one – the brave soldier! I’m sure the overall tattooing time was more than two hours, but that was all we were charged for. Glyn had been prepared in case it took longer, so used his extra cash to buy some books and CDs. This was hard to do as Joolz generously gave him a CD and a book for free, PLUS she trusted my adding up of the rest of his purchases!

Afterwards we went to Akbars which was already busy by 5.30pm and served the hugest naans I have ever seen!

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