Monday 31st December

Today is our last day in Copenhagen, so we left our suitcase (we shared one as it costs per bag on EasyJet) at left luggage in the station and went to Tivoli Gardens. Only it was shut. There were no signs telling us so, but shut it was.

So we walked through the drizzle to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and that was shut. Apart from shops, everything was shut. It was rather disappointing as we wandered around in the rain looking for ways to be entertained.

At 2pm we met Naja. We’d met her through my friend Jayne on Facebook and now met her in real life. As everything was shut (did I mention this before about everything being closed?) she drove us back to her apartment.

Naja’s apartment was very homely and cosy. She has an ace leopard print chaise longue with matching cushions. There’s no main light but lots of side lights making the room feel extra snug at winter.

There’s a word uniquely Danish, ‘hygge’. It’s a feeling, hygge is a state of comfort, peace and warmth while in the company of friends. Danes tend to stay in rather than going to the pub, inviting friends into their warm and cosy home to enjoy a drink or two. I felt a bit of hygge at Naja’s, although it wasn’t too cold outside!

One other thing I saw at Naja’s that I’ve not seen before that she said wasn’t uncommon was her bathroom layout. It was very small, not much bigger than a closet. I noticed that as well as a door, it had a shower curtain, sure enough when I looked up, I was walking under the shower to get to the loo and sink, with another shower curtain to separate them. Very compact and space saving.

After a couple of hours of very interesting chat and tea, Naja gave us a lift to the airport, where we caught one of the last flights home it being New Years Eve.

I’ve had a great time in Denmark having finally gotten to visit Scandinavia and I shall definitely come again.

Happy New Year!!

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