When I drive I am constantly expected to use my psychic powers. And my powers of self-control. For now thought let’s just look at my psychic powers….I’m sure the excessive need for self-control will pop up again soon….

So….I’m driving…..I approach a roundabout and a car is approaching from the right….he may turn across my path, he may turn before that and go up the road I am coming out of….time to use my psychic powers….no….I’d better sit here and wait……just in case….

It’s a shame that no-one has invented something like an orange flashing light that drivers could use to indicate which way they intend to go. Why has no-one thought of that? Traffic could move faster as people would know what other drivers intended to do and be able to pull out sooner. This could revolutionise driving, cut down traffic, road rage and fuel costs…. AND it would cut down on accidents and reduce insurance premiums. That’s it, I’m going on Dragons’ Den! I want £50m for 1% of my company and I want all the dragons involved or I’m walking out.

I bet people wouldn’t use them though….you know what people are like…bone stinking idle and selfish….and I bet the ones moaning will be the same ones who moan about being stuck in traffic at roundabouts…..and insurance premiums….

My psychic powers might not be able to guess which way the selfish gits intend to go….but they know that a selfish git will always be a selfish git. Gits.

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Fresh from failing to be an actor, a singer and retaining a full head of hair Glyn is now attempting to be a photographer and a novelist. He has taken more pictures today than he has written words of his novel in the last six months. Some of them he regards as okay..

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