Portugal Day 7

Friday 22nd November

There was a bit of rain this morning, so Glyn and I thought that now is a good time to go to the beach. We drove about 18 miles to Senhora da Rocha which is a beach named after a small chapel on its promontory.

According to the guidebook, it is actually three small sheltered beaches. The first beach was indeed small and sheltered. It had a cafe, toilets and a few battered boats pulled in for the winter. Apart from cafe staff and a tabby cat, no one else was there.

We walked along the small beach and found what we thought at first was a cave. Upon further investigation, it turned out to be a tunnel about 100metres long, not to Narnia, but another desolate beach. This one was completely deserted and ours were the only footprints in the sand.

The sea was choppy, but still it was pretty, so we hung about a while and took photos with filters and long shutter speeds. We never found the third beach.

After a brief ice cream stop, we drove through more parts of Albufeira we’d not seen before including a marina that was more of a boat park than your usual posh cafes and over priced boats malarky. We also came across some modern multi-coloured apartments and a whole hill of unfinished buildings.

We then went to Parque Adventura. This I’d come across on Trip Advisor and is a high rope obstacle course amongst trees. There are similar places in the UK such as Go Ape, only this was trickier and tougher.

Glyn and I were the only customers and our guide followed us from the ground with advice and warnings of “this one is trickier than it looks”. And they were too. There was one part that was a skateboard in the trees along two wires – very hard to balance especially if you’ve never skateboarded.

There were zip wires aplenty plus a variety of dodgy wires to cross. Unlike the UK where zip wires end in a pile of sand or bark chippings, these speedy zips ended up smack into tree trunks, some of which had cushions around them, but not all!

There were a couple of nerve wracking rope swings that took a leap of faith to cross, the worst of which Glyn had the misfortune to become entertainment for a passing group of tourists nearby. (Fortunately this was the one obstacle I crossed deftly!-Glyn)

It took us about two hours to get around the course and we did have the option to do any parts again,but our hands were too sore! Well worth the 16 euros, especially when you consider it costs at least 25 quid for lesser courses in the UK.

After this, we went to the beach near our hotel to do a bit of slow shutter speed photography as the sun went down. The waves were crashing on the sand but it wasn’t too cold and we had the place to ourselves.

Our last evening in the Algarve was spent in the Chef’s Peking Chinese restaurant, not far from our apartments. The service was brilliant and the food was excellent. Our waitress tried to advise on how we could see the best of Lisbon in just one day for tomorrow this is what we will attempt! (Glyn-I had fried ice cream which was excellent and I’d recommend it!)

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