I’m thinking that if I put this out there then you can pressure me to get it done so…

I am writing my first novel.

Now I know many have started this kind of thing and not finished it so, maybe by telling you, then you asking me how it’s going it will keep me at it. When I said putting pressure on I didn’t mean that you would hold me at gunpoint over my keyboard or threaten to cut off a finger for every day I don’t write (type) at least 5000 words.

Stephen King in his book On Writing recommends writing at least 500 words a day which is all very well when you don’t have to go to work and have housework to do. Imagine if Claire came home and her dinner wasn’t on the table ready for her…crikey, it doesn’t bear thinking about! *

I’m only up to about 3500 words at the moment which I know isn’t a lot-some University essays are longer than that (mine weren’t!) but it’s a start. I’m pleased to be on my way and have a reasonable idea where the story is going. I don’t know how it will end yet which is nice; it will be a surprise for me too.

Claire tells me that the style I’m writing in is different from other things I’ve written so now I have to stick to that style. When you pick up a Stephen King book or a Michael Connelly one you know how it will be written. Some manage to change genre, J K Rowling for example, but most authors have a set way of writing or use a pseudonym.

Using a pseudonym for a first novel would be a bit smug I reckon so it will be my name on the cover; should it ever get published of course. That part may be even harder than the actual writing and I have to steel myself for rejection and disappointment as well as caustic critical crucifying of my hard work.

It’s not just the writing of course; it’s the selling it afterwards, agents, publishers etc etc who will probably be too busy courting Dan Brown to bother with my little effort. There have to be treatments, proposals, sample chapters and then the odd reply telling me to give up and go and work in a warehouse….

Something to look forward to eh?

* Better add that Claire has been fine on the few occasions her dinner hasn’t been ready. She has to put up with a lot.

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Fresh from failing to be an actor, a singer and retaining a full head of hair Glyn is now attempting to be a photographer and a novelist. He has taken more pictures today than he has written words of his novel in the last six months. Some of them he regards as okay..

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